My practice employs a contemporary digital aesthetic in conversation with video game interactive tropes and minimalist abstraction. In my work I address the human condition in the context of the global digital age. Specifically: identity construction, sexuality, religious ideology, privilege, corruption, mortality, loss and the body within virtual VS real space.

The focus on these themes stems partly from two significant life experiences: First, growing up homosexual in a highly devout Christian suburb. Due to the severe judgement and rejection, the internet and video games became my mental escape; not an uncommon experience for Gen-Y youth. Aesthetically this has informed my process through techniques I developed in my earlier work, which utilized precisely designed laser cut mylar stencils and spray paint to produce clean, pixelated forms reminiscent of 8-bit imagery, reflecting the digital culture of my generation.

Secondly, over the last decade I was heading a class action lawsuit against one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world over a medication they manufacture that causes permanent side effects. In order to protect their profit, they negligently failed to recall the medication. Themes surrounding corruption, privilege, disconnection, and mortality present in my work are born directly from this experience. In our current political and social state, continued discourse surrounding these themes is critical.

While my earlier work centered entirely on painting, my current practice incorporates ceramics, sculpture, sound, performance and virtual reality which culminate into interactive time based installations called “Levels”. The viewers who participate in a Level are “Players”. Sound and music is a significant component of video games that not only sets the emotional tone of an environment, but also directs agency. Currently, I am working on developing responsive soundscapes that will be a critical component of future Levels through its ability to exploit emotional affect and respond to the Players actions. In the Levels I develop, I seek to liberate the body of the Player in the real in order to empower the Players to challenge conventional behaviours, oppressive ideological forces and their consent to oppression.